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Call for Papers for the 2019 Education Research Symposium

The Ministry of Education is calling for I-Kiribati education researchers to submit their research papers for the upcoming Education Research Symposium which is to be held in Tarawa, Kiribati, during Education Week.

The Ministry of Education Research Symposium is aiming to bring together I-Kiribati Education researchers to share with teaching colleagues and interested members of the public their academic research experiences and the knowledge they have acquired as a researcher. It will be an exciting opportunity to present and learn from our Kiribati researchers.

Researchers who are interested in presenting are kindly requested to submit a one paragraph outline or an abstract which includes the following;

  1. Research Topic – relates to recent research on education issues in Kiribati
  2. Research question(s)
  3. Main Findings

Submission deadline is August 30th, 2019.

Full details can be viewed on the Document linked Call4EduPapers2019

MOROCCO Pre-Service SCHOLARSHIPS for 2019/2020

The Ministry of Education is please to inform everyone that Applications for Morocco Pre-Service Scholarship for 2019/2020 is now open for interested applicants.

The Application form must be completed and lodged at Scholarship Unit of MOE on/before the closing date of Wednesday 14th August 2019.

The Application form can be downloaded from link below: MoroccoAppForm2019-2020



The Ministry of Education is please to inform every Citizen that SPECIAL Students Loan Scheme 2019 is now open and an Application form is available for downloading at the link below.

Please do share this with your colleagues and take note of requirement and due date - on or before Thursday 26/09/19 (before 4:15 pm) to avoid disappointment.

Download the form from the link SpecialStudentLoan2019/20


OPEN PRE-SERVICE GOK Scholarship 2019

The Ministry of Education is pleased to inform the public and especially eligible candidates that the GoK Open Pre-Service Scholarship is now open and forms are available from the Ministry website for downloading and completion at this link OpenPreGoK2019-form

Applicants are reminded to ensure that all requirements stated in the form are provided and submitted with the form on or before Thursday 26th September 2019.