Technology Support and Information Management

The Technology Support and Information Management Unit is responsible for two large areas of work; technical support and information management. In both areas the expectations on the Unit have increased. In technical support it includes an upgrade to ensure all officers can access information and communicate easily. In information management, the two big additions are the coordination of the monitoring and evaluation framework and the access to information through reports, intranet and internet. The Unit must work with all other service areas on both collecting and coordinating data into a usable and accessible form.

Roles, Responsibilities & Functions

Technology Support

  • ICT infrastructure development, asset management and maintenance

  • ICT policy development and implementation

  • ICT training and user support

  • Network and System administration

  • Data security and back up

  • Managing and monitoring of ICT usage

Information Management

  • Manage annual school census

  • Data analysis and annual report production, and response to adhoc requests for information

  • Policy research

  • Information Management Policy development and Implementation

  • Dissemination of information to stakeholders

  • Data validation and auditing

  • Monitoring and evaluation coordination and support (ESSP, MoP’s)

  • MoE web content production

  • Electronic document and file management