Kiribati National Library and Archives

The National Library of Kiribati is located in Bairiki on Tarawa Island. It provides educational, economical and entertaining books or documents as well as a collective knowledge of the nation.

It also preserves collections relating to the Pacific region. The library welcomes children and adults to have access to these resources.

The National Library purposes

  • Acts as an agent of transformation that ensures to continue the development of cultural, educational, and economic for the people of Kiribati.

  • Collects, preserves and protects documents especially those related to Kiribati and making them accessible to the public

  • Expands its vast array of reference collections and services

  • Collaborating with other national libraries or institution having similar purposes within and outside the Pacific region

The National Archives of Kiribati is located in Tarawa next to the National Library. It lodges the collective reminiscence of Kiribati as a nation. It collects, preserves, and manages public and private archival records.

These records are:

  • Government’s files

  • Video cassette and micro-film for Kiribati

  • Land records, genealogy and court cases records

  • Kiribati and Pacific information

  • The collection enables I-Kiribati to value and discover common heritage and be grateful for how far Kiribati has come as a nation.