School Improvement Unit

BASIC Division deals with Education for the ‘Free and Compulsory-aged’ children, workforce and other related matters; and it consists of Primary and Junior Secondary Divisions.


Supervising and Guiding Primary and Junior Secondary Principals in Kiribati, to become effective instructional leaders and managers, ensuring that the teaching and learning processes are consistently of high quality.


  • Provides very clear and comprehensive guidelines

  • Development and implementation of policies

  • Modelling how things are done to school Principals / Island Education Coordinators (IEC)

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Ensuring that the provision of quality teaching and learning is maintained at the highest level, and in line with the approved curriculum – Implementation of School Improvement Program (SIP)

  • Developmental supervision – Implementation and Review of the Teaching Service Standards (TSS)

  • Assessing Principals (Accountability measures)

  • Manage Professional Development

  • Posting and transfers of teachers and Principals