Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Unit is responsible for assessing, scheduling, and managing the upgrading of school facilities and their maintenance. The FMU is responsible for the planned rehabilitation of targeted schools and minor repairs to selected schools including the management of maintenance grants.

The FMU is also looking to improve the capacity of the local building industry to plan, tender, finance, manage, build and certify infrastructure facilities to meet international standards.


  • Oversight of all new projects, repairs and maintenance

  • Liaison with MISA and MISE

  • Administration of grant applications for new projects

  • Ongoing period maintenance contracts

  • Monitoring and evaluation of all works

  • Manage ordering, storage, transport and distribution of all MoE maintenance materials and school supplies

  • Costing new projects, maintenance works and school supplies.

    • Assessment and supervision of all issues of new projects, period maintenance contracts and maintenance works

    • Keep all supplies in good condition and ready for immediate distribution.