Kiribati Teachers College

MOE-KTC Office

The Kiribati Teachers’ College (KTC) plays a significant role as the provider of training for school teachers. It is indeed the only provider of pre-service teacher training for Primary and Junior Secondary school teachers. It also provides on-going in-service teacher professional development training for Primary, Junior Secondary Teachers and Senior Secondary.

Since its establishment, the Kiribati Teachers’ College has been providing Pre-service and in-service training programs that have continuously been updated. These changes respond to three drivers; the requirement for teachers, the demand from teachers themselves, and the need to meet improving standards.

Ministry of Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP 2012-2015) highlights the need for the development of a competent and effective school education workforce to improve students’ learning. Goal 3 of the ESSP states: All children in Kiribati are taught by committed, competent and effective teachers supported by effective school leadership. As a provider of professional development, KTC plays a major role in the development of committed and effective teachers.

Currently, KTC is offering two main in-service programs; the island and school based decentralized Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program and the Kiribati English Language Program (KELP). The TPD focuses on in-servicing the teachers on the new curriculum, and supporting them in the implementation of the curriculum. KELP is a program to improve teachers’ English proficiency level.

Commencing in 2014, KTC will offer the Diploma in Primary Teaching Pre-service training again after 3 years of suspension of the program.