Ministers Welcome

Hon. Minister of Education Alexander Teabo

I am honored to serve you as the Minister of Education as we work together to improve the education system for our children. The system serves children in compulsory education from 6 year olds through to age 15. Senior Secondary Education is for 16 – 19 years of age.In partnership with parents, families, the community other Government Ministries, and donors, it is our goal that all children can develop and be supported to reach their fullest potential in school and beyond.I therefore encourage you to explore our website. It is a central plank in our effort to communicate all that is happening and important in Education in Kiribati. It has a wealth of information regarding curricula, programs, initiatives and legislation. It also offers a vast number of resources to help both students in their study and schools in their administrative work.We seek your continued support as we endeavor to provide high quality education that prepares our citizens for the 21st century and all its challenges.

Te Mauri, Te Raoi ao Te Tabomoa bestow upon us all

Kam rabwa.

Alexander Teabo

Hon Minister for Education

Republic of Kiribati.