Senior Secondary and Scholarship Unit

Senior Secondary & Scholarship Uni monitors establishment and overall operation of senior secondary schools to ensure the fulfilment of our goal of quality education for children in Kiribati. We also manage and administer selection of GoK pre-service scholarship recipients and monitors their academic progress.


  • Approves and monitors registration of schools

  • Conducts and monitors payments of government grants and subsidies to non-government church schools

  • Establishes sustainable levels and system for provision of school resources and supplies

  • Strengthen supervision, appraisal and improvement system to quickly identify problem teachers and undertake relevant remedial action

  • Monitor teacher and student population in schools to ensure that student needs are met

  • Perform selection of F4, F6 and F7 students to SSS and for the school fee subsidy scheme

  • Consult and raise awareness on Teacher Registration process

  • Establish strong community ownership and involvement to improve educational outcomes.

  • Publicizes scholarship awards for competition

  • Screens and provides ranking list of hopeful applicants for consideration by Scholarship Board for selection of new recipients

  • Monitors academic progress of continuing scholarship students