Kiribati Qualification Authority

Brief Background

Kiribati is one of the small island states in the Pacific with most important resources and assets is its people. Under the KV20 plan mainly in the pillar of human capital, the Government of Kiribati is committed to provide a qualified and skilled labour force including increasing access to employment opportunities.


The Pacific Qualifications Framework (PQF) has been adopted by Kiribati as the National Qualifications Framework since 2014 under the approval of the Education Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) of the South Pacific Community. The benefits of adopting the PQF by Kiribati are:


a.       providing a coherent structure of qualifications offered in Kiribati

b.      facilitating regional and international recognitions of Kiribati Qualifications and skilled manpower thus supporting learner and labour mobility

c.       introducing a quality standard for all education and training institutions and their programmes

d.      facilitating institutional accountability to government, industry and community

e.       building flexible career pathways and a commitment to life-long learning for all.


In 2017, the Kiribati Qualifications Agency was formally established by the Government of Kiribati with two main core functions to: co-ordinate the implementation of the PQF at the national level, monitor and administer the education and training qualification systems in Kiribati.