Policy, Planning, Research & Development Division

The Policy, Planning & Research Development (PPRD) Division first came into establishment within the Ministry of Education in 2012. Its operation was directed by the Technical Advisor until 2014 when the recruitment of local staff was made. In 2016 the Research section was approved to be established but became operational in 2018 as a unit within the PPRD division, making the full name of the Division as Policy, Planning, Research & Development Division. Currently the Division has 4 staff that include;

1. Reetina Katokita - Director of Policy Planning, Research & Development (Dir PPR&D)

2. Tabera Tekatu - Policy Analyst (PA),

3. Taaruru Taoaba - Research Coordinator (RC), and

4. Toaiauea Toabwa - Research Assistant (RA).

The Ministry of Education through PPR&D requires that its policies, programs and services provided are informed by rigorous and robust evidence. The Division therefore supports research that strengthens evidence-based decision-making and contributes to effective policy, planning and practice leading to significant gains in learning. The research unit will work closely with other divisions to identify specific areas of required educational research and study.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of the Division

  • Coordinate and manage policy development within the Ministry.

  • Lead and manage the monitoring and evaluation of policy implementations

  • Review policies according to policy development protocols and review dates and advise the Ministry when policies need amendment based on consultation and feedback.

  • Work together with Divisions within the Ministry on issues that need policies to be developed

  • Support strategic and operational planning

  • Work together with Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED) and the National Economic Planning Office (NEPO), Development Partners and Ministry Stakeholders in developing four yearly Ministry Strategic Plans

  • Secretariat for the Education Partners in Kiribati (EPiK) forums

  • Conduct consultations on the Educational Acts and Regulations as well as existing policies

  • Develop research proposals based on educational areas and submit research proposals for Executive Management Group approval

  • Conduct educational research studies as approved, and in collaboration with research partners as appropriate.

  • Analyze research results, and write up research reports – these reports inform policy, planning and decision making.

The Dir PPR&D directs operations of the Ministry’s Technical and Enablement Services Team (TEST) that include TSIMU, FMU, KNLA and PPR&D.