National TA for ESSP 2020-2023

National TA for Development of ESSP 2020-2023

The Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that a suitably qualified person for the position of One National TA is required to assist the consultancy and the MOE in the development of the new ESSP 2020-2023 and also required to work closely in collaboration with MoE and CTT members. The TA will support and assist the Consultancy team to carry out the following activities:

  • Assist the overall analysis of the Education sector and to produce the analytical report to CTT

  • Write up and translate both the Education Sector Analysis and the ESP 2020-2023 into te Kiribati Language and produce the translated versions

For information, this is a project funded post therefore successful candidate will work with the Ministry for only 20 days to support the consultancy and 15 days for translating.


  • A Bachelor degree in the policy and planning discipline, education and/or related field

  • 5 years’ work experience in the policy and planning development area, education and/ or related field.

The registration will be opened on 18/11/19 and closed on 22/11/19.

All interested applicants should lodge application at MoE Registry or via email to

Full details of the post can be sighted at the website of and at MoE Facebook (moekiribati)

Full details of the post can be sighted at the website of & TOR for the the position can be downloaded at TOR4JOB



The Ministry of Education is please to inform every Citizen that SPECIAL Students Loan Scheme 2019 is now open and an Application form is available for downloading at the link below.

Please do share this with your colleagues and take note of requirement and due date - on or before Thursday 26/09/19 (before 4:15 pm) to avoid disappointment.

Download the form from the link SpecialStudentLoan2019/20