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PD for Vacant Positions now existing at MoE are now available for downloading at this links PDs4MOE

11th EPiK MEETING 2018 - 13-14th November 2018

EPiK Participant @ MOE HQ

Interested Applicants for Any MoEs Temporary Post

The Ministry of Education is please to inform everyone that as part of its process to fast track recruitment procedures for temporary positions; an application form had been designed and provided for those interested including Teacher Retirees on the Islands.

Applicants must duly complete the form and lodge it in to the MOE Headquarter office for processing and recording. Applicants are to ensure that all supporting documents are also provided as specified in the Checklist.

This applies to ALL Education positions in Kiribati (South Tarawa & Outer Islands). The form can be downloaded from this link MoE Application Form