PP13 comes to Kiribati

Post date: Oct 3, 2014 7:18:21 PM

Originally posted on: September 29, 2013

At the end of Independence Week and for the next 10 days, sailors from the United States, New Zealand and Australian Navies joined forces to apply their skills and effort to upgrading a number of Education facilities. They pitched tents on tennis courts, under maneabas, and worked hard on schools and the Kiribati Teachers College. The Friendship Bridge at Buota; a project of PP10, received some timely maintenance during this visit.


The Ministry sincerely thanks Commander Lovely and the sailors under his command for their work and achievements in the short time they were here. A state occasion was held to thank them for their efforts and materials, and the community of Tarawa – especially Education, hopes they took as much from the experience as we have. Students and staff from KG5 also thanked the sailors with an afternoon dance party.The PP13 Band Entertains


Below are excerpts from the Minister’s ‘thankyou’ speech.

“When I first heard about the Pacific Partnership 2013, the image that popped to my mind was that of soldiers carrying out engineering and infrastructure work on the island, I identified it as strictly a mission of good will services and work- which is in fact true, but it was also about the people. For what good is a work done if it carried no benefit to the people? And what good also is an effort that one gives if it is done in the absence of the spirit of friendship, partnership and tolerance?”

“Through the commitment, sacrifice and hard work of each and every one of you, having endured long hours of work under the Kiribati heat- the PP13 has touched the lives of our Kiribati people from all walks of life and from all age groups. From the schools and clinics that you have refurbished to the health services and other support services you have benefitted to the games and songs that you have shared with our children- you have proven yourselves to be true friends of Kiribati.”

“I received a report from my officials today on what has been achieved so far. I also witnessed some of these work on the ground at KGV and EBS and at the Kiribati Teachers College. I must say how very encouraging it is to see the commitment and the team work displayed by the PP13 Team throughout the conduct of its assignment here in Kiribati.”

“I have been tasked the important job of celebrating this success with you and to thank each and every one of you for your gift of service that has in every essence impacted on our lives positively. We thank you for the maintenance work that you have conducted on our Friendship Bridge in Buota. This remains a significant infrastructure for Kiribati which has bridged the gap with the remote northernmost islands of North Tarawa.”

“We acknowledge your assistance to our health sector through the refurbishment of three major clinics namely the Bonriki, Bikenibeu West and Bairiki clinics and we applaud the health services you have also offered our people through medical check-up points. Thank you also for your partnership work with our veterinarians and in the donations that you have given our children throughout schools on Tarawa including high schools in Abaiang. I am particularly overwhelmed with the support that PP13 has given education in Kiribati as embodied through the installation of donated water tanks and renovation works. This is welcomed support that help us tremendously to address water issues that make our children in schools are vulnerable.”

“Then there are major renovations at KTC and KGV and EBS which also help us provide safer, comfortable and better educational facilities and environments for our teacher trainees and students. This assistance carries a long-term benefit that will continue for today and tomorrow’s generations. The PP13 has also surveyed Marakei and Abaiang as disaster-prone areas and we value the support that this mission has provided link to Kiribati through disaster relief assistance. This demonstrates the appreciation on the part of the PP13, of our unique vulnerability to climate change and we are so grateful that the PP13 has included this in its work program also.”

“Through all that you have done here-as reflected in your toil and sweat and the products that we will now call our own, it is truly inspiring to be a part of this partnership which reflects on the goodwill of our Governments and our peoples. Despite our differences, the PP13 has made us realise that we are indeed connected in so many ways and that the people to people interaction that the PP13 has enriched, symbolises that we are one people of this planet, working together towards a better tomorrow.”

Minister for Education, The Honorable Maere Tekaene