Post date: Nov 1, 2016 9:17:44 PM

Ramps are a very important building feature for every building and public spaces including offices, schools and community venues. The number of people with disabilities has been estimated in the latest census to be 13% of the population, with the likelihood of increasing numbers in the future.

We the Kiribati people must share, help and to give the support to those of us in our community who have a disability, as well as others in the community including older people, who can benefit from improved access to buildings and public spaces.

The Ministry of Education has recently built 3 ramps in front of their offices for the support of people with disability to walk up and into the offices. One is in front of a Minister’s Office, the other one is in front of the Registry Office and the third one is at the front entrance to the Secretary’s Office. The Facility Management Unit (FMU) has been the lead in the ramps’ construction to date with plans to construct more ramps in other MoE buildings, especially schools.