Libby Hegerty Leaves Kiribati

Post date: Oct 3, 2014 6:53:26 PM

Originally posted on: August 22, 2013

After nearly 7 years working in Education in Kiribati, initially as a Technical Adviser for the Curriculum Division and recently as Team Leader of the Kiribati Education Facility which supports the Kiribati Education Improvement Plan (KEIP), Libby leaves the ministry to take up a similar role in Vanuatu. She has supported the development of the Education Sector Strategic Plan, Phase 1 of KEIP (2011/12) and the development and implementation of Phase 2 of KEIP. At her farewell, the Minister (Hon Maere Tekanene) paid tribute to her contribution to significant changes within the ministry. Mark Sayers (AusAID) thanked Libby for the way she had delivered the priorities of the KEIP program and her capacity to ensure the working relationship with AusAID and all partners was healthy and productive. The Senior Education Management Specialist, Beryl Kennedy, noted that Libby prioritised local ownership of all programs and change. All Divisions within the Ministry paid tribute to Libby, showing their affection and thanks in speeches, with items and gifts.

The Ministry wishes Libby all the best in her new role in Vanuatu.

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